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Apply for a Permit to Add a Luxury Vehicle to a Franchise Contract to Transport Passengers in Luxury Vehicles

This service enables the system to issue an immediate electronic permit with the first registration of a vehicle added to a contract after registering the agreed number of vehicles through the "registration" permit and on the condition of complying with the needed requirements.

Companies that transport passengers by luxury vehicles and that have a classified electronic agreement are eligible to register their vehicle through "addition" permit after registering the number of vehicles agreed upon.
Required documents
  1. Official request to add the vehicles from the Department of Planning and Business Development
  2. Required documents to complete the transaction of adding a new vehicle on the traffic file.
Service fees
  • 5,000 AED addition fee for each vehicle with a minimum of 25,000 AED (5 vehicles)
  • 1,000 AED franchise fee for each added vehicle with a minimum of 5,000 AED (5 vehicles).
Average processing time

5 minutes.

Service Centres

Through service centres and service providers:

  • The company submits the request to the Department of Planning and Business Development Al-Muhaisnah
  • The customer presents the post-dated cheques as monthly fees for each vehicle at the Finance Department at RTA
  • The customer heads to the Procurement Department to present the guarantees
  • The first added vehicle is registered at the Customer Happiness Centre or at the Service Providers.

90 days from the date of the first permit issuance.

What you will get
  • Permit to add vehicles
  • Reserved plates for 90 days and a minimum of 5 plates.
Terms and conditions
  • The company must register the agreed number of vehicles at least one time during the time of the agreement
  • The company must register the added vehicles within 90 days from receiving the permit
  • The company can add more vehicle on the permit (during its validity) after registering the 5th vehicle and until the expiry of the permit on the condition of settling 6,000 AED for each added registered vehicle and providing post-dated cheques and bank guarantees to receive a written approval from the department of planning and business development
  • The company cannot add vehicle if the permit is expired even if it had presented the needed papers and bank guarantees
  • In case of appropriations on the request from the Department of Planning and Business Development, and after presenting the post-dated cheques pertaining to the number of vehicles, the company must register the vehicles on the current addition request or on a new request and is required to settle 30,000 AED (a minimum of 5 vehicles) and must also update the post-dated cheques and the bank guarantees
  • The company can register used vehicles upon applying for a "permit to add a used vehicle" through the company's account on RTA website
  • The company cannot register the vehicles without providing the needed bank guarantees and post-dated cheques as monthly fees
  • The company cannot register a vehicle if the agreement is not valid
  • The year of manufacturing the vehicle must be the current one or the one before
  • The company cannot register administrative vehicles
  • The registered vehicles must be on the approved list of vehicles for this activity.

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Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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