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Issuing An NOC To Cancel A Trade License Of Franchise Company (Luxury)

This service enables you to apply for cancelling the trade license of a transporting passengers with luxury vehicles activity. Note: The No-Objection Certificate is a mandatory document for the canceling of a trade license required by licensing authorities in Dubai such as the Economic Development Department. The certificate stipulates that the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) does not object the completion of the procedure in accordance with the laws and legislations pertaining to it.


Companies previously licensed by RTA to practice this activity are eligible to apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. An official letter from the person authorised to sign the application of canceling transporting passengers with luxury vehicles (limousine) agreement.


  • NOC to cancel the trade license
  • Letter from the notary public.

Service fees

  • This service is free.


  • 90 days.

Average processing time

  • Instantly.

Ways to apply


Through RTA head quarter and website:

  • The customer submits an application to cancel the trade license with an official letter from the company to cancel the agreement (signed by the authorised person)
  • The customer removes all the vehicles from the traffic file and cancels and submits all drivers permits
  • The customer logs in to RTA website and proceeds to licensing services/express services then chooses NOC to amend trade license
  • The customer agrees on the terms and conditions after reading them and applies for the service
  • The customer confirms the submission of the application
  • The application is subject to primarily approval from the relevant organizational units (Finance Department, Procurement Department and Franchise Services Department)
  • RTA sends a notification to the customer to continue the process through the e-gate in case of successful audit, and allows the removal of all vehicles from the traffic file
  • The customer removes all the vehicles from the traffic file and cancels and submits all drivers permits
  • The customer proceeds to “Licensing Services/express services” and then clicks on “Review Trade License Requests”
  • The customer enters the receipt and verification details
  • The customer prints the NOC and the letter of notary public and continues the procedure at the Department of Economic Development.

Terms and conditions

  • The company must have fulfilled all its financial and contractual commitments to RTA
  • The company must clear any impediments in its traffic file, and must settle all fines, if any (delay in replacement fines, quality and traffic violations, unpayable fines)
  • The company must not have another uncompleted electronic request for the same trade license
  • The company must remove all vehicles from the traffic file
  • The company must cancel the driving permits of all its drivers
  • RTA requests to confiscate and cash out the bank guarantee in case the contract was cancelled before its end date.


  • Question 1: How can the customer refund the monthly post-dated cheques for remaining duration of the contract after the cancellation of the trade license?

Answer 1: The customer must check with the Finance Department to withdraw the post-dated cheques according to the adopted procedures.

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