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Apply for a Third Plate Number for Light Vehicle

This optional service enables you to obtain or cancel a third plate number for your light vehicle if you mounted a bicycle rack obstructing the rear plate number.

Apply Now
Apply Now
Individuals, citizens and residents are eligible to apply for this service.
Required documents
  • This service has no required documents.
Service fees

To apply for a third plate:

  • Short plate: 35 AED
  • Short classical plate: 150 AED
  • Short and colored Dubai branded plate: 200 AED
  • Short Expo branded plate: 100 AED
  • +20 AED Knowledge and Innovation fees, if the service fees were more than 50 AED.

To cancel a third plate:

  • Free

Note: For lost plates, the customer must contact Dubai Police to issue a Lost Plate Certificate, then replace it with the new plates, and pay the Knowledge and Innovation fees.

Process time
  • 3 minutes.

To apply for a third plate:

  1. The customer goes to the Apply for a Third Plate page on RTA Website.
  2. The customer enters the traffic file number, and the plate type, number and code.
  3. The customer selects the centre from which to receive the plate.
  4. The customer settles the required fees by credit card.
  5. The customer receives the receipt through email.
  6. The customer receives the plate through the Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centres.

To cancel a third plate:

  1. The customer logs in to the website using his username and password, or UAE Pass.
  2. The customer selects from the dashboard the vehicle with the third plate.
  3. The customer clicks on Cancel Third Plate.
  4. The customer is notified that the transaction is completed.
  5. The customer hands over the third plate at one of the Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centres.
Average waiting time
  • Instantly.


What you will get

Additional vehicle plate

Terms and conditions
  • Question 1: If the customer loses the plates in another country (Saudi Arabia), what is the procedure to replace them?

Answer 1:

    • In case of losing 1 plate, the customer can drive back to the UAE and must present a police report.
    • In case of losing 2 plates, RTA forbids the customer from driving the vehicle back to the UAE and he must present a police report.
  • Question 2: Does the customer need to remove the bicycle rack before the technical inspection at the inspection centre?

Answer 2: No, there’s no need to remove the bicycle rack.

  • Question 3: Are this service fees the same for short and long plates?

Answer 3: This service is available only for short plates.

  • Question 4: Can the customer receive a third Expo branded plate if the existing one was a regular plate, or vice versa?

Answer 4: No, the new third plate must match the plate already installed on the vehicle.

  • Question 5: Is it possible to place a small light around the vehicle’s wheel rim to make the bicycle rack visible at night?

Answer 5: No

  • Question 6: Is there a limitation regarding the number of the bicycle racks?

Answer 6: No.

  • Question 7: Are there specific centres to deliver the plate?

Answer 7: No, the plate can be delivered at any Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centre.

  • Question 8: If the third plate is not delivered, will the application be cancelled?

Answer 8: If the third plate is not delivered within 14 working days, the application will be cancelled and the customer will have to reapply.

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