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Apply for an International Driving Licence

This service enables you to obtain an international driving licence.

Apply Now
Apply Now
Individuals, citizens and residents, who hold a valid driving licence issued in Dubai are eligible to apply for this service.
Required documents
  1. Valid driving licence issued in Dubai
  2. Valid Emirates ID
Service fees
  • 177 AED
  • +20 AED Knowledge and Innovation fees.
Process time
  • 5 minutes.
  1. The customer applies for the service through RTA website.
  2. The system verifies the customer’s identity by sending an OTP to the phone number registered in the system.
  3. The customer settles the required fees.
  4. The customer receives an SMS within 2 working days with a link to display the digital international driving licence, until he receives the original copy of the new licence.
  5. The customer receives the original copy of the new licence through 2 channels:
    • Customer Happiness Centre Deira or Al Barsha
    • Courier company with additional charges:
      • Normal delivery: 20 AED
      • Same day delivery: 35 AED
      • Delivery within 2 hours: 50 AED
      • International delivery: 50 AED.
Average waiting time
  • Instantly.

1 year

What you will get

A new international driving licence

Terms and conditions
  • The driving licence must be valid.
  • The customer can use the international driving licence in all countries except where the licence was issued.
  • An international driving licence cannot be issued for temporary and interim licences.
  • If the customer wants to change his personal photo when applying, he can only receive the international driving licence in person through the Customer Happiness Center (Deira - Al Barsha).
  • The photo must have a white background with a straight head position.
  • The customer cannot cancel the application after submitting it and paying the fees.
  • If the customer changes his personal photo, his application is audited by the support team within 2 working days.
  • If the customer attaches his personal photo incorrectly, the support team contacts him to resubmit it correctly.
  • The customer must receive the original international driving licence to be able to drive, as the digital licence is not accepted internationally.
  • The customer must pay all the driving licence fines including the unpayable ones.
  • The international driving licence categories are linked to the Dubai driving licence as shown in the table below:


Dubai driving license category

Category code


Light manual vehicle

Light automatic vehicle






Heavy vehicle



Light bus



Heavy bus



Light manual vehicle or light automatic vehicle


Heavy vehicle


Light bus


Heavy bus


  • Question 1: Can the customer use his personal photo in the international driving licence?

Answer 1: Yes, the customer can use his personal photo if he wishes to, or else the system automatically withdraws the photo used on his Dubai driving licence.

  • Question 2: Can the customer travel in more than one country with the same international licence?

Answer 2: Yes, the customer can travel in more than one country with the same international licence provided that it’s valid.

  • Question 3: Can holders of an international driving licence drive in Dubai?

Answer 3: Yes, if they were on a visit visa they can drive a light vehicle or a motorcycle.

  • Question 4: Can holders of an international driving licence while on a visit visa to Dubai drive a vehicle registered in Dubai to go to Oman or any other GCC country?

Answer 4: They should check with authorities in Oman or other GCC countries.

  • Question 5: Can transit visa holders drive a vehicle registered in Dubai?

Answer 5: Transit visa holders can drive a vehicle registered in Dubai if they have a valid international driving licence and an approval from the insurance company.

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