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Managing and Providing
Delivery Services


In line with the strategic goals and objectives of the Roads and Transport Authority, and in accordance with the projects and initiatives of the Licensing Agency in general and the management of commercial transport activities in particular, Delivery Services manual has been issued to clarify the procedures for Managing and Providing Delivery Services, which are the establishments that Manage and Provide services, for example delivering requests to offices. Factories, airports and other places of work which may include food and consumables from cooperative societies or supermarkets or any materials/items (goods) from other places.

Therefor, all companies who provide delivery services (restaurants, groceries, supermarkets, bakeries, food supplies, retails, logistic companies ... etc.) need to apply for a permit to practice the activity of delivery services through RTA website and to abide by the safety requirements of the activity and to update the company’s information on regular basis when required.


Delivery Services manual


Home/ Promotion

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