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Press Releases

Aug 20 2019

Using AI-powered cameras to measure customers’ happiness index

(Happiness index of 26.5k customers at 4 centres ranges from 85% to 92%)

an image showing customers happiness meassures

Smart cameras powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology installed by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) have screened the facial expressions of 26,476 customers at four service centres (Deira, Awir, Barsha and Um Ramool) during the first half of 2019 year. Cameras revealed that the overall customers' happiness rating ranged from 85.6% to as much as 92.8%. 

In explanation, Ahmed Mahboub, Executive Director of Customers Happiness at RTA’s Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, said, “The installation of smart cameras to measure customers satisfaction rating is part UAE’s AI Strategy, Dubai’s Smart City Initiative, and RTA’s Strategic Goal Smart Dubai. 

“The breakdown of customers happiness rating per centre was: Deira Centre: 4,371 customers had shown a rating from 85.7% to 88.2%, Awir Centre: 12,002 customers reflected a rating from 85.6% to 92.8%, Barsha Centre: 4,657 customers indicated a rating from 86% to 89.2%, and Umm Ramool Centre: 5,446 customers revealed a rating from 85.7% to 92.3%,” announced Mahboub. 

He cautioned that variations in the happiness index are not attributed to the quality or speed of delivering services. The customer might be experiencing personal circumstances negatively impacting his or her facial expression, he noted. 

“Smart cameras analyse facial expressions of clients before and after the processing of their transactions without saving images for privacy considerations. Instead, cameras provide instant and accurate feed about customers happiness rating. The system transmits instant notifications in case the happiness rating in any happiness centre drops below pre-set levels, thanks to the built-in SMS and e-mail process. Accordingly, decision-makers will be in a better position to take actions to rectify the situation,” he explained. 

“Deliverables of the smart happiness index are associated with the level of service delivered; which fosters a positive competition between customers happiness centers. This atmosphere contributes to RTA’s strategic goal: People Happiness,” commented Mahboub.

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