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Press Releases

May 13 2020

RTA runs remote online employee training platform

an image showing RTA employee using the training platform

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a remote online training platform for employees to cope with the challenges of COVID-19. Thanks to modern technologies, the delivery of such training content can now enrich employee skills and knowledge of sustaining business remotely during the current lockdown witnessed by the whole world including the UAE. 

“RTA is always keen to capitalise on its technological resources to maintain the business process at high professional standards. It has taken extra preventive measures to safeguard against the spread of the COVID-19, such as physical distancing. It was thus imperative to embark on remote online training to impart employees with the skills and knowledge required to do their jobs remotely,” said Sultan Al Akraf, Director of Human Resources and Development, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, RTA. 

“The training platform encompasses a diverse range of specialist technical, administrative and leadership programmes that run in collaboration with leading local and global entities. The process is characterised by quality content and the use of the best remote learning and training techniques. The training centre of the HR and Development Dep’t has designed an educational programme about remote working so that employees can carry on their jobs during these exceptional circumstances. It requires mustering the efforts of a dynamic team, using existing applications to facilitate processes, and using technology to keep pace with the global remote work trends,” he noted. 

Al Akraf reiterated RTA’s ability to tackle all challenges and ensure the running of a seamless business process. He also stressed RTA’s ability to nurture a training environment aligned with its strategic objectives, rendering it a leading entity capable of maintaining excellent performance under all conditions.

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