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Press Releases

20 Jun 2021

RTA wins 'Dealing with Covid-19' Award 2021 from Harvard Business Council

(dealing with covid 19 award)

an image of the safety measures in buses

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has won the 'Dealing with Covid-19' Award 2021 in Diamond Level from the Harvard Business Council in recognition of its outstanding results in dealing with the pandemic.

This Award was granted to RTA in recognition of tireless efforts of the Dubai Government in coping up with the virus and the gradual resumption of commercial and tourist activities and life back to normal. The award also cements the image of Dubai as a global destination compliant with the preventive health measures of Covid-19.

Harvard University Business Council Awards ranks among the world’s prestigious awards for rewarding the global efforts in observing total quality management, assisting entities to achieve their organisational strategies, and endorsing the best global practices in providing world-class services/products that meet the needs and expectations of clients.

The Award Jury of the Harvard University Business Council Awards carried out a comprehensive review of all preventive and precautionary measures, risk and crises management procedures, and business continuity measures taken by the RTA to protect public transport riders and service recipients. The review also covered measures taken to protect RTA employees in various affiliated facilities and the ability to continue delivering services at the highest standards.

Nasir Bu Shehab, CEO of Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, RTA stressed RTA’s agility in coping up with Covid-19 and mobilization of all resources to manage the crisis. “In March 2020, RTA formed a dedicated team to act efficiently and quickly on the developments and keep abreast of global trends. RTA leadership developed a holistic vision based on the priorities of local and federal governments as well as the highest standards observed by advanced countries in this regard. The team remained in touch with instant developments and information in this regard,” he noted.

“The organizational priorities of RTA’s leadership during the pandemic focused on protecting employees, mass transport users and the public. Emphasis was placed on the continuity of public transport network during the crisis to offer basic services, continuing customer services, and lending support to various government departments in tackling the pandemic,” added Bu Shehab.

Top Practices

The CEO of RTA Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector expressed his delight with RTA’s winning this award in diamond category from a renowned international organisation in the field of assessment of strategic efforts. “Listing RTA amongst the first in the whole world across the categories and classes of the award reflects the efficacy of the preventive and precautious measures taken and the professional handling of the crises by RTA from the outbreak of the virus up to the moment as reflected in our working model in all public transport means and related facilities,” said Bu Shehab.

“RTA applied top global practices in dealing with the pandemic to nurture a safe and healthy environment for all. It focused on three aspects: safeguard the health of all employees through securing a sound and safe working environment, ensure the safety of all facilities and mass transportation means to ensure the continuity of services in the Emirate, and support the government efforts in tackling the pandemic.

“RTA managed to ensure the continuity of all services to customers thanks to the transformation to a model of smart services delivered via four digital channels and a website active 24/7. It also maintained the continuity of work progress in strategic projects as per the approved schedules, thanks to the sound project management principles that included response plans to overcome various risks facing projects,” he added.

Last year, RTA won the Global certification for Covid-19 prevention measures from the Norwegian DNV.GL, one of the prominent international entities in the evaluation of infection control programmes and associated risk management, including performance-related health and preventive measures. In this regard, the company conducted a field survey and a comprehensive evaluation of all precautionary health and preventive measures taken by the RTA to protect public transport passengers and customers, besides protecting its employees working in various affiliated facilities.

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