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Press Releases

11 Jul 2021

RTA publishes Dubai Delivery Services Management Manual

an image of Dubai Delivery service

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently published a comprehensive manual, The Activity Manual for Managing and Providing Delivery Services, governing the management of delivery services in Dubai. The delivery services sector is making a steady growth fuelled by the soaring demand from a wide spectrum of the community since 2020. 

This manual has been issued to define the procedures governing the delivery services activity to bring it in line with the strategic goals and objectives of the RTA. The manual has been developed in coordination with the Dubai Police and the Dubai Municipality. 

The manual covers all trading establishments and firms that provide delivery services to clients, such as the delivery of foods, goods, equipment and other similar processes. The delivery services sector plays a key role in supporting economic growth, upgrading the level of services provided, and ensuring compliance with the health, safety and environmental (HSE) and sustainability standards.

This manual aims to set out a methodology governing the delivery services activity in the Emirate of Dubai and clarify the procedures, controls and provisions governing the sector. It also defines the client’s journey through a clear and documented work procedures.

The manual covers four key elements, namely circulating the safety stipulations to motorbike delivery companies, training drivers at driving institutes, carrying out field awareness campaigns, and regulating the establishment of smart platforms and smart apps for managing the delivery services. 

The manual sets out important conditions that delivery service companies and their motorcyclists must strictly comply with for the safety of drivers, road users and the food or materials to be delivered. These stipulations include the traffic safety of motorcyclists, specifications of the vehicle/ motorcycle, food safety at the delivery of orders, and guidelines relating to the uniform of drivers of delivery motorbikes. 


RTA is always keen on excellence service delivery to the community, be it individuals or corporate entities. The entity aims at making customers happier through enhanced quality, health and safety standards associated with RTA’s services and initiatives. Such a drive is also compatible with the efforts made to improve the activities of this vital sector. The scope of practice of this manual covers commercial establishments and firms that provide delivery services to clients in Dubai. 


The publishing of the Activity Manual for Managing and Providing Delivery Services is compatible with a host of key resolutions, namely: Executive Council Resolution No. (47) of 2017 regulating vehicle transport and rental activities in the Emirate of Dubai, Administrative Resolution No. (706) of 2019 issuing the Executive Regulations for Executive Council’s Resolution No. (47) of 2017 governing vehicle transport and rental activities in the Emirate of Dubai, Administrative Resolution No. (793) of 2020 regarding the addition of delivery services activity through electronic platforms and smart applications, and the Administrative Resolution No. (9) of 2021 endorsing the first version of the quality regulation for delivery service facilities.

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