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Press Releases

17 Mar 2021

RTA completes Covid-19 vaccination of 20k taxi and bus drivers

(Nada Jasim: The second shot of vaccination to employees and families to start this April 2021)

an image during Covid 19 vaccination of RTA drivers

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and other Authorities, has administered the Covid-19 vaccination to the entire fleet of eligible taxi and public transport drivers, who account for more than 20,000 drivers. RTA renews its commitment to the health and safety of employees, especially those in the first line of defence dealing directly with the public. The vaccination drive is now targeting front-liners and employees of various agencies and sectors of RTA.

“RTA kicked off the campaign by alerting employees and encouraging them to take the vaccine shots provided at specialist health centres. Mass messages were broadcasted to employees via internal media channels urging them to take the vaccine during this exceptional time. RTA sorted employees who have completed the vaccination per sectors and agencies,” said Nada Jasim, Director of Safety, Risk, Regulation and Planning, Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, RTA.

“RTA prepared two internal centres in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority and other Authorities; one for vaccinating taxi and bus drivers from 19 January to March 2021, and the other for vaccinating other employees as of 3 February 2021. About 40,000 vaccination shots have been provided for various categories including drivers, front-end staff, metro and tram operators, parking inspectors and all employees along with their interested family members. The campaign also covered outsourcing employees, school bus drivers, Bike Delivery riders and limo drivers as part of efforts to ensure the health and safety of all. The centre has been fitted with 30 counters to vaccinate 1200-1500 people a day clocking at 150 people an hour. All precautionary measures have been taken at the centre including physical distancing,” explained Jasim. 

“RTA is committed to the precautionary measures and observing the physical distancing at all times. It reduced the number of those in offices through activating remote working options. RTA is continuing with the broadcast of awareness messages to all employees and families as well as public transport riders to ensure the success of public health and the fight against the virus,” she added.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) stressed the importance of the campaign against Covid-19 and provided three types of locally and internationally approved vaccines such that individuals can have several options. The variety of vaccines also contributed to widening the scope of the campaign at the specialist centres across Dubai. 

The DHA has simplified the vaccination procedures and provided safe and healthy journeys to vaccination centres for the Dubai Government employees. It called on the rest of the employees along with their families and  the community in general to administer the vaccine. 

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