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Press Releases

19 May 2021

Renewing compliance with occupational health and safety standards

an image of RTA team working with safety standards

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) reiterated its full implementation of occupational health and safety standards at all affiliated buildings, facilities and projects as well as public transit means. RTA released a statement to this effect on the side-lines of its participation in the remote World Day for Safety and Health at Work event celebrated by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). 

The event, which has recently concluded, attracted more than 1400 representatives of Health, Safety and Environment from all over the world. Moreover, RTA held a remote workshop for employees to raise awareness about the implementation of safety requirements for a secure and safe working environment. 

“Our participation in such international events aims to embed the concepts of health and safety in the work environment and achieve RTA’s objectives related to safety and environmental sustainability. It also contributes to the sharing of knowledge and expertise besides gaining exposure to the best global practices and experiences in health and environment to match the ongoing improvement of RTA’s services to all community members,” said Nada Jasim, Director of Safety, Risk, Regulation and Planning, Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, RTA. 

“RTA is committed to becoming the best government service provider in managing health and occupational safety and furthering its responsibility in this field. Such a goal stems from a firm commitment to protecting employees and workers from occupational injuries and health risks and nurturing a secure and healthy working environment,” she added. 

“RTA adopts advanced strategies and technologies to protect employees and workers at all agencies and sectors as well as corporate and individual clients from injuries due to risks in the office working environment. Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 in 2020, RTA managed to train about 3,000 persons in various disciplines on the principles of health and occupational safety. 

“RTA also complies with the occupational health and safety requirements to ensure a safe working environment for employees. It also ensures that the occupational health and safety standards comply with the national rules and regulations, and makes every effort to ensure their compatibility with the best global practices of the advanced countries and cities. The overall objective is to keep pace with the ongoing advancement in Dubai and the UAE in all fields,” concluded Nada. 


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