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Aug 08 2019

Obtaining ISO in compliance management system first time in the ME

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Roads and Transport Authority has obtained ISO 19600 Certificate in Compliance Management System, thus becoming the first government entity in the Middle East to obtain this certificate in the field of roads and transport. The certificate award was made by PSI; a specialised firm in issuing global accreditation certificates. 

Abdullah Al Jawi, Director of Internal Audit, was proud for RTA to obtain this prestigious certificate. “It reflects RTA’s keenness to align its business with international standards and comply with the applicable rules in this regard. It cements the leading position of RTA in corporate governance and compliance management, which are crucial for maintaining high-performance level and tall reputation,” said Al Jawi.

“Obtaining this certificate supports RTA’s governance practices and aligns them with the international standards of compliance management. Through this system, RTA is seeking to develop a clear model for leveraging and sustaining the compliance with the applicable legislation,” he added. 


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