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Press Releases

Jul 07 2020

MENA Centre for Transport Excellence holds 4 remote workshops in first half of 2020

(Courses held covered global trends and digitisation of the transport sector)

an image about remote workshops

The MENA Centre for Transport Excellence, in conjunction with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), held four remote specialized training programms during the first half of 2020. About 36 trainees from various transport entities worldwide delivered courses. 28 RTA employees from various affiliated agencies and sectors took part in these courses as well. Workshops discussed an array of topics related to the future and trends of public transport, digitisation of the industry, the use of artificial intelligence in taxis, bus on-demand and shared transport services. 

Given the exceptional global circumstances resulting from the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, the MENA Centre for Transport Excellence, in collaboration with RTA, provided alternative solutions to continue with its activities. Accordingly, it rescheduled and adjusted the training programmes to enable the transfer of knowledge and experiences worldwide through remote communication technology. 

“As the MENA Centre for Transport Excellence is keen on maintaining knowledge transfer, we opted to hold a series of training programmes and workshops via remote communication technology. We have tailored the training programmes to the local and international circumstances. Courses covered a host of topics such as the global transport trends and their impact on urban mobility, local and global transport challenges and opportunities, and how taxi and shared transport could cope with Covid-19,” said Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, RTA Board Member,   Chairman of the MENA CTE Supervisory Committee.

“28 transport experts from all over the globe delivered remote training sessions. Lectures focused on key pillars of sustainable urban mobility including integrating public transport, planning the land use, benefiting from the integration of new mobility services and improving alternative mobility services. Lecturers also led a series of panel discussions about the use of artificial intelligence in self-driving transport, latest trends of autonomous transport technology and the future of mobility under the current circumstances,” he explained.

“The satisfaction with the training programs delivered by the Centre hit 88% in the first half of 2020, which indicates the quality of programs offered and the extent of benefit to participants. RTA engaged 16 employees in those training programs to enrich their capabilities and offer them an advanced scientific exposure,” he added.

Al Mulla stated that the Centre would continue to work with RTA in developing a series of courses and training workshops capable of responding to the ambitions and the market needs. For this purpose, both parties would commission a study to analyse the latest developments of public transport as well as the modern strategies of public transport entities and operators in cosmopolitan cities. 

“A training program was organised for the RTA Youth Council to enhance the research capabilities of the 10 members of the Council and enable them to benefit from the expertise of the research team of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). The program was split into two parts; the first gave participants an introduction to the basics of research methods and sources. In the second part, participants undertook individual research on specialist transport topics,” concluded Al Mulla

RTA established the MENA Centre for Transport Excellence in cooperation with the UITP to act as a reference for professional research, and the exchange of field knowledge. It has groups of channels for streamlining transportation and preparing reports on mobility policies in the MENA region. The centre acts as a hub for sharing knowledge and expertise and organising training courses to assist public transport personnel. 

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