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Press Releases

22 Mar 2021

Inspection visits to Orders Delivering & Organizing Services Establishments

(Inspections covered 120 facilities out of 415 registered entities)

an image of inspection visits to Orders Delivering

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has carried out one-month inspection campaigns that covered 120 Orders Delivering & Organizing Services Establishments out of 415 firms registered in RTA’s traffic system. The campaign aimed at verifying that motor bikers and drivers hold proper permits and comply with the technical stipulations set for the service. It included checking the legal soundness of the entities as well as compliance with the technical and traffic conditions set for practising the activity. 

“These inspection campaigns are part of annual plans charted out to monitor the activity of delivery companies along with licensing issues related to motor bikers, drivers and companies. During the initial stage, the campaign covered 120 firms out of 415 establishments listed as Orders Delivering & Organizing Services Establishments under RTA’s traffic system. The campaigns aimed to educate operators about the importance of updating details of their facilities and seeking permits for practising the activity,” said Mohammed Nabhan, Director of Licensing Activities Monitoring, Licensing Agency, RTA. 

“The campaign covered 5 locations in Dubai namely: Midriff City Centre, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, Midriff Uptown Centre and Sports City, where about 200 motor-bikers and drivers are engaged in the business. Inspections covered checking the validity of the license, verifying that drivers hold visas describing their profession as drivers, checking the validity and the insurance of the motorbikes and details of the owner. It also included verifying the measurements of the delivery box, and the availability of the safety equipment of the driver, such as helmets, elbow and knee pads, and gloves among others. 

“The campaigns mainly aim to sensitise the concerned parties about the importance of the activity in the daily life of people, especially under the Covid-19 precautions that might make people in need of the delivery service more than any time before. As such, the monitoring of this sector is vital as it ensures the legality of all matters related to the driver, motor biker and the facility. 

“The campaigns will continue to cover all entities listed under RTA’s responsibility as we are keen applying the safety and security standards in line with RTA’s strategic goals: People Happiness, promoting social responsibility, Safety and Environmental Sustainability. RTA is also committed to improving the safety of transport and traffic and realising its vision to become The World Leader in Seamless & Sustainable Mobility,” concluded Nabhan. 

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