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12 Dec 2018

Highlighting the importance of issuing Special Driving Permits at projects’ sites

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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) stressed the importance of issuing Special Nature Driving Permits for driving vehicles and machinery at projects’ sites. The issuance of these permits, instead of regular driving licenses, enhances the safety of drivers at those facilities. 

Applications for Special Nature Driving Permits at the locations of projects and commercial facilities can be submitted through RTA’s website (

The objective of issuing these permits is to maintain the security and safety of drivers at both public and private project while working within areas designated in the Permit. The RTA grants these permits after testing drivers at their job sites. 

Permits will be valid for two years at sites of private companies, and five years at sites of Government entities. The permit replaces the regular driving license at project sites against small fees, thus saves a lot. Permits can be renewed upon the expiry of the respective period. Such permits are not valid for use in entities other than those designated in the Permit. Therefore, the Permit indicates the name, place and employer of the holder.

The RTA has issued 596 permits to government and semi-government entities and 673 permits to private businesses. It urges the business community to benefit from these permits as they save the time and effort of all parties, and contribute to a smooth and safe business environment. 


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