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18 Sep 2023

DTC fits its fleet with top safety systems

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RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has equipped its taxis and school buses with automated engine fire suppression equipment. The move underscores DTC's commitment to fitting the fleets with systems matching the top safety practices and standards. 


“This automated pneumatic fire detection tube system has been developed for the safety of our clients and drivers as well as the protection of our assets. The new system has so far been installed in 4,459 taxis and has also been fitted into 953 school buses, work is progressing in installing it in all vehicles.,” said Nasser Mohammed Alhaj, Director of Assets Management, DTC.

“The system installed in taxis detects critically high temperatures and automatically dispenses the fire-extinguishing agent directly onto the fire's source and the fire can be put out in seconds without human intervention. The other system fitted in buses detects and suppresses bus engine fires through a pneumatic detection tube. Once it is exposed to danger due to fire, it triggers the rapid dissemination of extinguishing powder, which is applied through a distribution network and dedicated nozzles. Such a system aligns with the top practices worldwide,” he commented. 


Safety of Clients and Drivers

“The introduction of automatic engine fire suppression systems is in line with DTC's efforts to become a pioneer in enhancing client safety. The system is designed to autonomously detect and extinguish fires, preventing harm to both the driver and passengers,” added Alhaj.
“The new fire suppression systems do not require the intervention of the driver. DTC is devoted to fostering the best skills and talents by hosting workshops and training sessions to train drivers on firefighting techniques in the event of a vehicle or bus fire. The automatic fire suppression devices come with monthly and annual maintenance plans along with specific criteria for testing and upholding their performance,” concluded Alhaj.

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