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Press Releases

02 Nov 2019

Completing roads leading to ‘Jewel of the Creek’

(The project covers the construction of tunnels extending 1.4 km, roads spanning 7 km)

an image of Tunnels ensuring smooth flow of traffic to and from Jewel of the Creek Project

Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announced the completion of  tunnel and road works leading to the entry/exit points of Jewel of the Creek project undertaken in collaboration with Dubai International Real Estate.  It confirmed that tunnels and roads leading to the project would be opened in coordination with the Dubai International Real Estate after the completion of construction works of the project, which sits between Al Maktoum and the Floating Bridges. 
RTA had completed the construction of tunnels extending 1.4 km, and roads stretching 7 km. The ground and basement access points of the Jewel of the Creek Project have been linked with Baniyas Street to the North, and Al Ittihad Street to the East through streets, tunnels and sloping roads leading to the basement parking. The project also includes the construction of a footbridge extending 81 metres crossing over Baniyas Street to be completed in the first quarter of 2020 together with other works including lighting as well as protecting and shifting the existing utility lines,” explained HE Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA.

“The Northern access points of the project comprise entry points to the basement parking via the tunnel for traffic bound to the West of Baniyas Street and the traffic inbound from the sloping road of Al Maktoum Bridge. It also includes exit points for the basement parking through the tunnel heading East and West of Baniyas Street, in addition to exit points to the north-east leading to the Eastern sloping road from Al Maktoum Bridge to Baniyas Street. 

“The Eastern access points include surface entry points from and to the Eastern basement parking, and single-lane tunnels for the basement parking accessible from Al Ittihad Street beside the Floating Bridge, and from Baniyas Street to the East. Works also include the construction of roads for the surface entry points for the traffic inbound from Al Ittihad Street to the south, and single-lane tunnels to the east for the parking to provide an exit in the direction of Abu Dhabi and Al Ittihad Street to the North.

It is noteworthy that the Jewel of the Creek Project, which spans an area of 125,675 square metres, encompasses a 5-star hotel with 438 rooms, four residential towers comprising 756 serviced apartments, 20 restaurants, man-made lake, and a waterfront promenade and marina for 65 berths. The project also includes a 4-star hotel with 403 rooms, 3-star hotel with 405 rooms in addition to two connected residential towers comprising 389 serviced apartments featuring an Arabic-Islamic design, mini-mall, and a parking space for about 6000 vehicles.

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