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Press Releases

Jan 28 2021

Automation of RTA’s internal services saves 342k papers in 2020

(Al Mudharreb: We working effortlessly to keep pace with Dubai Government’s Paperless Strategy)

an image of RTA employee using the Automation system

The automation of internal services of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has saved 341,467 sheets of paper in 2020. RTA’s agencies and sectors have processed 72,102 paperless transactions related to operational, administrative, protocols requests and others in 2020. 

“The automation of RTA’s services has yielded great results in saving the use of paper in 2020. About 72,102 internal automated transactions have saved the use of 341,467 sheets of paper, which is equivalent to saving 190 trees. These results reflect our efforts of keeping pace with Dubai Paperless Strategy aimed at completely switching to paperless transactions by 2021,” said Mohammed Al Mudharreb, CEO of Corporate Technology Support Services Sector, RTA.

“RTA has completed the automation of 175 services and developed internal smart app to support the service automation. The app is used by all RTA’s employees to process their service needs and job-related transactions such as controlling the attendance as well as employee and customer surveys. The app contributed to limiting the  massive use of paper. 

“Over the past years, RTA established a robust high-class technology infrastructure that supported the delivery of customer services via smart apps and website. The automation of procedural transactions has reduced the need to visit customer service centres, vendors’ transactions and administrative transactions of employees, which saved much time and effort. During the Covid-19 pandemic, RTA’s technology infrastructure contributed to the processing of customers’ transactions online. 

“RTA always prioritises government directives to make Dubai the smartest city in the world. It also seeks to maximise customers’ and employees’ happiness in line with its strategic goals: Smart Dubai and Advance RTA,” concluded Al Mudharreb.

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