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21 Nov 2021

Analysing customer emotions expressed via social media

(The process involves using big data and natural languages)

an image from the system that analyzing customer sentiments using big data and natural languages

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched an initiative to analyse customer emotions to get a better perception of their feedback and suggestions made via RTA’s social media. The process aims to develop appropriate solutions and serve customer needs through using big data and natural language techniques.

RTA launched this initiative to identify the best approach to serve the needs of various customers and raise their satisfaction and happiness rating. RTA is tapping into its rich stock of big data and advanced technology characterised by high speed and a variety of sources. They include RTA apps and data received from external sources and sensors that read and analyse the huge data available at various RTA locations.

The process records customer comments received via social media in text form. The text is then processed through Natural Language Processing methods to identify customer needs. The result of this analysis enables RTA to improve its services by using social media content captured under specific keywords. Emotions scores are then collected from relevant posts per topic and geographical locations. This case provides a tool to conduct an accurate analysis of customer emotions related to RTA’s smart apps and customer happiness rating. As such, it assists in improving the level of services provided and customers satisfaction and happiness.

By using a big data platform and analysing emotions, RTA can capture and analyse information from social networking sites, such as customer notes and comments as well as information related to the public transport systems. Emotions analysis use case also aims to provide a platform for analysing emotions and understanding customer complaints. This will help to identify areas and services that need to be improved, opportunities for new products and services, and the existing problems to be addressed.

It is worth mentioning that RTA has rich data sources such as GIS, service users, and social networking sites. RTA has also developed a platform considered the largest among local governments in the UAE in terms of the number of CPUs and GPUs currently in use. The platform supports data capture and analysis to disclose valuable insights for RTA’s senior management and decision-makers through applying advanced analytics to improve the public transport services and digital transformation.

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