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Nov 12 2017

Kick-starting theoretical & practical training on trailer driving skills

an image of a trailer on Dubai rodas

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has started theoretical and practical training on driving articulated heavy trucks skills as part of its efforts to reduce trailer-related accidents.

"This initiative reflects RTA's endeavours to ensure the safety of road users, be it trailer drivers or pedestrians as driving such articulated trailers requires special skill to safeguard against any road traffic accidents. Phase I of this initiative began with intensifying theoretical training which required adding one training hour to raise the awareness about driving such vehicles,” said Aref Al Malik, Director of Drivers Training and Qualification at RTA’s Licencing Agency.

“By the end of this year, the practical training will start with a 5-hour training on manoeuvres, which will be generalized to relevant driving institutes. The manoeuvres include ensuring firm coupling of trailer & truck, parking the trailer in designated places especially reverse parking skills, and driving 8-ton articulated trailers on highways among other relevant manoeuvres that ensure high degree of vigilance and attention while driving,” explained Al Malik.

"This initiative echoes RTA's vision of ensuring "Safe and Smooth Transport for All". As protecting the lives of road users is of strategic importance to the RTA, it always seeks to introduce initiatives capable of making Dubai an ideal environment protected from road accidents, especially those involving trucks or articulated vehicles,” concluded the Director of Drivers Training and Qualification at RTA’s Licencing Agency.

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