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About RTA

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in today's world, making the provision of high quality infrastructure facilities absolutely imperative. With that in mind, as well as the high priority allocated by the government of Dubai to the provision of an advanced transport network for the people of Dubai, RTA endeavours to improve the public transport facilities and develop roads across the emirate to make travel safer and smoother.

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Our mission is to develop and mange integrated and sustainable Roads and transportation systems at world - class level, and provide pioneered services to all stockholders for their happiness, and support Dubai's vision through shaping the future, preparing policies and legislation, adopting technologies and innovations, and implementing world - class practices and standards. RTA's Sustainability long term target is to achieve global pioneering levels in Roads & Transport sustainability.

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RTA's Board of Executive Directors is appointed by decrees from the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai. It is formed of the chairman and eight board members who oversee RTA's intellectual, financial and technical affairs, and take the appropriate decisions and actions to achieve RTA's set goals and objectives.

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Every year, RTA receives a range of awards that reflect our position as one of the world’s leading entities in the Transport Sector.

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We are keen to provide a safe and flawless online processing and navigation experience that ensures protection for all RTA’s online related practices. Therefore, we adopt transparent and ideal standards and measures to realize both your satisfaction and our interests, while protecting the privacy rights of both sides of the business.

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RTA aims to achieve an excellent standard of services delivered according to the best international practices in the field of customer service. We also endeavour to establish world-class standards to benchmark and measure the performance levels of our services.

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Established as one of the key authorities within the government, RTA has played an integral role in the overall development of Dubai, paving its way into becoming one of the smartest cities in the world. We've launched many projects showcasing great innovation and setting new benchmarks for other authorities to follow. From the development of smart kiosks and smart bus shelters, to the successful completion of the Dubai Water Canal project, RTA has taken Dubai to a new level of innovative building and development.

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Learn the latest about our projects, events and news through our media centre:

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Discover our latest service updates now!

How to use shared transportation services safely?

Two persons per vehicle

Wear a face mask mandatory and gloves

Use a hand santiser or wet wipes on sufaces

Sterilise the steering wheel before and after the trip

4 main guidelines for your commute

Use hand sanitizer

Wear Gloves

Wear Face mask

Maintain physical distance of 2 meters

Operating Customer Happiness centers and Service providers

Operating service providers except for: Al Shirawi, speedfit, Tasjeel international city, Tasjeel Discovery Gardens, AG CARS Vehicle Testing - Deira, Tajeel Al Tawar, Al Monkhool AutoPro and Al Satwa AutoPro.

Operating 3 Customer Happiness Centers, Deira, Umm Rammol and Al Barsha.


Thank you to the taxi heroes who contribute to securing the necessary trips across Dubai, following the highest safety standards.

Updated RTA services

Metro Operating Saturday to Thursday  from 7 AM till 11 PM

Friday from 10 AM till 11 PM

Public Buses fare returns to normal  from 6 AM till 10 PM

Taxi service returns to normal with the usual fare

Public parking service returns to normal during Ramadan

We praise our hidden soldiers

our heroes who are working for the comfort and safety of others.

Thank you to our safe trips heroes.

while most of you are staying safe at home

others are taking the risks for your well-being

Thank you heroes

we secure to support workers of vital sector during the national sterilization program

we have taken early precautionary measures to ensure your safety while transporting 

we have your back

RTA - The beating heart of Dubai

  The entire world is going through an exceptional period

For the first time since the launch of the Dubai Metro 09-09-2009

Dubai Metro will take a rest until further notice

Its doors will be temporarily closed

Until we meet again..

Stay home so everyone can be safe

Fulfilling our vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for all


Safety and epidemic prevention guidelines while using the Dubai Bus

For your safety and that of others

Safety and epidemic prevention guidelines while using public buses

Don't leave your house unless necessary

Plan your trip in advance and avoid peak times

Follow the instructions of the station supervisors

Leave space between your and others while waiting for the bus

Don't crowd around the bus entrance or try and enter when it's full

The driver will control the opening of doors for the entry and exit of passengers, use only the front and middle doors

Make sure there is a vacant chair and leave a distance between you and others

The driver won't stop if the bus is full except to drop off passengers

Wear face masks at all times

Bus "stop" button will be out of service to avoid touching surfaces

Avoid using public transport if you have symptoms of flu


Hygiene tips on public transport
Maintain personal hygiene
Wash your hands often with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds
If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser
Use tissues when you cough or sneeze
If no tissue, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve
Limit cash payments and use cards
Clean and sanitise your hands before and after touching objects and surfaces
Don't shake hands with others and don't contact them directly
Don't touch your eyes,nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
Don't come into close contact with people who look unwell
Cover your hands when clicking the pedestrian signals or use a sanitiser after clicking the button
Keep a distance between you and others on public transport
Stay seated on public buses
Don't panic and enjoy your trip
Follow the instructions and guidelines of the Health Authority for sickness and quarantine

Based on a true story.

Over here, please.

Alright, sir.

How much is the bill?

AED 50.

Thank you for using Dubai Taxi Corporation taxi - please be sure to take your valuable belongings and the journey receipt as you're leaving the taxi

Here you go.

Thank You!

I wish you a happy day.

To the airport, please.

AED 25, sir.

Okay, sorry just a minute.

Good morning, this is Abdul Rahman from the lost and found department. How may I help you?

I lost my wallet in Dubai Taxi.

May I have your full name please?

My name is Ahmed Mohammed Sami.

Can you give me the departure and arrival points of your trip?

From Al Garhoud to Downtown

How much was the fare?

The fare was AED 50.

And at what time did the trip end?

Around 1 O'clock.

Thank You, Ahmed, we will contact you soon. Thanks for contacting RTA, Have a good one.

The Taxi has been located at Dubai airport, Terminal 3.


Hello, this is this is Abdul Rahman, from the RTA call center. We received a report from a passenger about the loss of his wallet inside your taxi.

May you check your vehicle, please?

nothing, I searched everywhere. I did not find anything.

Is it possible to wait in the same place? One of the RTA inspectors will be there is 15 minutes.

The Taxi's CCTV cameras show that another passenger used the taxi and took the wallet.

The video is received and it will be sent to the command center for the action needed.

Ahmed, this is your wallet, check if anything is missing.

All is good, Thank You.

Commute Safely 

RTA mobile apps

RTA strives to make you happy. It aims to support Dubai’s transformation into a smart city and foster its strategic goals. To achieve that, RTA provides a fast and easy access to its services via smart applications designed to meet your needs.

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