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Our Policies And Procedures

We are keen to provide safe and seamless online processing and navigation experience ensuring ultimate protection for all our online related practices. In that endeavour, we adopt transparent and ideal standards and measures to satisfy you while realizing the interests of RTA, protecting the privacy rights of both.

Hereafter a synopsis of the policies and procedures that are applicable to our online process.

  • Quality

    RTA is committed to establish and manage robust quality control and quality assurance systems ensuring the highest levels of product and service quality, essential to achieve RTA's vision of “Safe and Smooth Transport for all.

  • Safety

    RTA is committed to the effective implementation of a solid health and safety management system ensuring that all work activities are done safely as per the set guidelines and boundaries.

  • Security

    The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction and promoting secure modes of business transactions.

  • Privacy

    The obligation to protect the privacy rights of all our customers, who are visiting our websites, is of utmost importance to Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

  • Asset Management

    RTA considers effective asset management vital to the success of its plans.

  • Accessibility

    RTA is providing the best accessibility options with great variety of apps and online services, including Accessibility Information for people of determination.

  • Our terms and conditions

    RTA websites and applications are subject to the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates, local laws of the emirate of Dubai, and international conventions ratified by the UAE.

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Home/ About RTA / Policies & Procedures

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