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Home/ About RTA / Corporate Social Responsibility
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About CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility is taking into account the social, environmental and financial impact of all our decisions and actions. In this respect, we have greatly contributed in the unprecedented growth Dubai has witnessed across all sectors in the last decade. We endeavoured to ensure the development of the city in the most optimal way, through world-class infrastructure and new modes of travel.

Since promoting sustainable practices in the way individuals and institutions choose to travel, and managing the negative consequences of transportation are of major importance, and since we do touch the lives of millions of people who live or travel through Dubai, we have always had the drive to initiate and actively apply practices with the objective of making RTA more socially and environmentally responsible and our business practices and their outcomes more sustainable.

RTA is committed to preserve the UAE's national identity, which has been reflected in RTA's strategic goals "Integrated Dubai" through the goal "Preserve National Identity", which has been implemented in all the CSR initiatives and projects undertaken by RTA to maintain the heritage and promote the use of the Arabic language

RTA not only introduce and take part in local initiatives, but it also extends its support to initiatives that have international impact, which is highly promoted and encouraged by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. So, along with deep awareness of its responsibilities towards the local community , RTA keenly participate in promoting the global human dimension of international initiatives, by following the vision of the government of Dubai.

RTA is committed to enhance education by participating in various educational activities internally and externally, through the continuous practices in educating school and university students of the importance of using public transport, through traffic awareness activities, Read More initiative, Dubai Youth for Public Transport initiative, and other activities arranged during the year.

RTA is committed to a comprehensive approach that ensures sustainable development and enhance the quality of life in Dubai in order to achieve its vision of “Safe and Smooth Transport for All” with the highest standards of environment, health and safety. RTA also reaffirms its commitment to developing programs to support many human issues and arrange meetings with the public to know more about their needs and expectations for the future.

In order to enhance relations with local and international partners, RTA is keen to participate continuously in environmental, social, cultural, national and charitable events. RTA continuously participates in various events organized by other partners, like the Earth Hour event that was organized by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and Car Free Day initiative that Dubai Municipality organized, and Gulf Traffic Week with the Ministry of Interior.

RTA, being a responsible member in the society, is committed to supporting and sponsoring various societal projects, initiatives and events, that have a positive impact on the society and assist in raising societal awareness and CSR of RTA that endeavors to engage the society and benefit it.

Home/ About RTA / Corporate Social Responsibility

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