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Nasser BuShehab

Chief Executive Officer of Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector


Nasser BuShehab

Nasir Bu Shehab is the incumbent CEO of RTA’s Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector. The Sector has a host of strategic supervisory and legislative roles highlighted by the development and following up of strategies, policies, studies, systems, legislations and long-term plans of roads and transport system. The sector also caters to the governance of RTA’s activities, preparing and improving organisational charts of sectors and agencies, following-up performance, promoting the culture of knowledge, innovation, quality management and excellence in addition to overseeing RTA’s Commercial and Investment Department. 

Bu Shehab holds a Bachelors Degree in Architectural Engineering from the UAE University, and Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from the American University of Sharjah. 

He has a wealth of practical experience spanning more than 24 years. He progressed from the Head of Planning Studies and Logistical Support Section at the Dubai Municipality to Assistant Director of Buses at the Municipality. 

With the shift to RTA, Bu Shehab was appointed Director of Projects before being posted the Director of Strategic Transport Planning. In 2015, he was posted the CEO of Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector. 

Bu Shehab chairs several important committees of RTA including the Best Government Entity Supporting Expo 2020 Committee. He chairs The Supreme Committee for Sustainability, The Supreme Committee for Supervising the Administrative System for Maintenance Work, the Supreme Committee for the Development of the Tourism Transport Sector in Dubai, and the Supervisory Board for the Management and Operation of the Enterprise Command and Control Centre. He also chairs the Supreme Committee for the Integration of Transportation Elements, the Energy and Green Economy Committee, the Supreme Committee of Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport, the Executive Committee for Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, the Projects and Contract Disputes Committee, and the Emergency and Crisis Management Team.

Bu Shehab was privileged by the Medal of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Outstanding National Achievements. He  also  received  an array of awards and medals in recognition of his vintage professional achievements such as contributing to the establishment of RTA, the hosting of Expo 2020 in Dubai, the UAE Strategic Plan and Vision 2021, and the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Public Works. 


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Home/ About RTA / Board of Executive Directors / Board of Executive Directors Details

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