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Maitha bin Adai

Chief Executive Officer of the Traffic and Roads Agency


Maitha bin Adai

Miatha Bin Adai is the Chief Executive Officer of The Traffic and Roads Agency at RTA, which is responsible for Conducting detailed studies to design, construct, manage, and operate an integrated traffic and roads network in addition to implementing the studies' results pertinent to setting up and applying taxes of traffic and roads and improving traffic technologies. 

  • Bin Adai has a professional record spanning 21 years, during which Bin Adai has assumed several roles within various UAE government entities.
  • Bin Adai holds Master degree in Transportation Engineering & Operations University from Newcastle/UK – 2001. And bachelor degree in civil engineering from Kuwait University – 1993.
  • Since 2006, Eng.  Maitha Bin Adai has assumed the role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Traffic and Roads Agency at RTA, where she leads the 3.7 billion Dirhams annual budget and more than 1,200 employees who plan, design, build, maintain, and operate the 12,215 lane Kilometers of Dubai’s world-class highway system. At a previous role in 2005, she served as Director of Roads Department, where she was responsible for leading a multi-disciplinary team to successfully construct two of the largest bridges in Dubai history (Al Gharhoud Bridge and Business Bay Crossing).
  • During working with Dubai Municipality, Bin Adai held the position of Head of Traffic & Technology section From 2001 to 2005, where she has shared her professional expertise and was responsible  for Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Impact studies and transportation Planning. From 1993 until 2000, Bin Adai served as Traffic and Design Engineer at Roads Department of Dubai Municipality (DM).
  • Bin Adai Headed several Delegation teams to bring the best international practices in traffic Engineering, Safety, and ITS (Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Austria , Malaysia, and Sweden).
  • Bin Adai heads the service coordination committee on the Emirate of Dubai level.
  • Bin Adai is member of the RTA Board of Executive Directors.  


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Home/ About RTA / Board of Executive Directors / Board of Executive Directors Details

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