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Government of Dubai

Asset Management Policy

Effective asset management is considered one of the main RTA’s success factors in delivering its focal plans of transportation, which aim to develop, operate, maintain, and automate integrated transport systems for various transport modes and networks, such that its safety, reliability, accessibility and sustainability are assured for current and future generations.


RTA is committed to adhere to the following core principles in managing its assets and encourages all its stakeholders to adopt these principles:


  • Optimal
  • Risk based
  • Holistic
  • Knowledge based
  • Integrated
  • Sustainable
  • Systemic
  • Whole life based
  • Social responsibility
  • Shaping the Future


RTA adopts and implements an Asset Management System that does not conflict with other RTA management systems. It is certified to international standards, and comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and technical standards and the direction of Government.

RTA is committed to developing and enhancing level of competencies for all asset management operations incorporating the best international practices. RTA employees are provided with the training required. This training is assessed and recorded.

RTA is committed to measuring and reviewing its asset performance indicators with benefits to develop enhancements and developments required to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness.


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