The air-conditioned Water Bus launched by Marine Agency at Roads & Transport Authority provides a smooth and safe transit service across Dubai Creek. These boats have luxurious seats with ample space and features that make passengers, including special needs persons, enjoy their traveling experience.


  • 4 dirham per round trip, 2 dirham per trip per person.
  • Payment to be made through Nol Card which is obtainable from Customer Service Offices at marine transport stations.

In each station there a Customer Service Office and a qualified employee to provide full support to special needs customers. At each marina there is an employee to assist customers and special needs customers in boarding the marine transport modes. Therefore special needs passengers have to:

  • Report to Customer Service Office at each station for assistance.
  • Report to directly to the Marina where the attending employee will offer assistance (provision of a ticket, boarding and seating onboard the marine transport mode).

The Customer service employee at the station to which the blinds or special needs persons go is to be notified to receive them and offer them the required assistance.

Vision of Marine Agency: Provision of Safe & Attractive Marine System.