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Press Releases

24 May 2022

Commercial transport sector records a 37% growth during Q1 2022

an image about Commercial transport

The Commercial Transport activities sector in Dubai has reported a significant growth of 37% during the first quarter of 2022 extending from the same period of last year. These results reflect the cohesion and strength of the business movement in the commercial transport sector, which plays a vital and prominent role by contributing to facilitating the movement of people and goods, positively affecting the advancement of economic development and the domestic product of the Emirate of Dubai.

The authority constantly seeks to consolidate and strengthen relations with companies operating in the commercial transport sector to address all the challenges they face in the course of their daily work, in addition to developing joint initiatives and projects that would develop and strengthen the commercial transport sector, and facilitate business and activities in the Emirate of Dubai.

Commenting on this, Mansour Al Sabahi, Director of Commercial Transport Activities, Licensing Agency, RTA, said: “This 37% growth rate clearly reflects the recovery of the commercial transport activities across the emirate during the first quarter of 2022The car rental business accounts for the largest number of new firms, and consequently reflecting an increase of  14%. This increase is indicative of the overall economic recovery in the emirate.”

RTA’s Commercial Transport Activities Department is making sustained efforts to meet the needs of this vital sector by holding joint gatherings with stakeholders to enhance business relationships and step-up coordination with them, receive their feedback, and develop the best solutions to the problems they encounter. We have witnessed the registration of 800 new companies in the field of transport and car rental in 2022, resulting in the registration of about 25,000 new vehicles. 

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