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Intelligent Traffic Solutions (ITS)

    • Preparing and setting up electronic traffic systems utilizing intelligent traffic systems, which can achieve safe & smooth transport within specific timeframes.
  • • Preparing & implementing intelligent traffic studies and designs concerning intelligent traffic system, which comprise studying suggested traffic systems’ sites, designing traffic systems’ communication networks and e-linking, overseeing  implementation of the traffic works, in addition to the implantation of toll collection system.
    • Operating the traffic systems, which include observing the traffic movement in the emirate of Dubai through activating sensors and surveillance cameras, effective operation of the traffic lights that aligns with roads congestion levels, following-up and reporting traffic system dysfunctions and damages, in order to coordinate with the maintenance department to repair damages caused,operating electronic traffic display panels and programming traffic signals through centralized signals control system.
    • Following-up and overseeing advertising campaigns and presentations about intelligent traffic systems and raise awareness amongst citizens about these systems.
    • Developing, designing and sustaining geographic information system (GIS) to serve all RTA’s affiliates, agencies and departments. And design integrated centralized geographic database to be implemented and managed, in addition to coordination with all other concerned departments and governmental bodies to gather geographical data and process it, in order to be stored  in central databases as preapproved standards
    • Receiving all data and information relating to the traffic movement and set up traffic databases.
    • Assessing systems that will be purchased by the Traffic Department and setting standards to be met in the software and hardware related to geographic information systems and in line with the latest international standards.
    • Meeting the needs of departments for prepackaged software and  in-house developed applications to provide accurate information that through which geographic data can be updated, propose and implement training programs about Geographic information system's software and services.  
    • Developing standard specifications for the as built drawings and other data, as well as help the departments in setting terms of the projects in the parts related to traffic data and Geographical maps.
    • Coordinating with the IT Department of the RTA  and following-up requirements of the e-government in areas relating to geographic information systems and the development of information security, as well as information distribution policies.  

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