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Union Oasis Project

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Project Brief

A transit-oriented development upcoming in the center of Dubai

Union Oasis will soon become the first Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the region and a landmark destination for the people and visitors of Dubai.

The TOD concept has many success stories in Europe, Asia and America, bringing benefits to the communities, regenerating areas and creating positive commercial impact. The development at Union metro station will take into consideration international best practices with regard to design of transit-oriented communities and will enhance them in consideration of local and regional context and requirements. In addition to creating a multimodal transport hub, the project will be a catalyst for the regeneration of the Deira neighborhood.

Transit-oriented communities, like the Union Oasis, lend themselves to cost-effective transportation networks and services, which will allow Dubai to move people and goods more efficiently and to produce more value for each transportation investment implemented by the Government.

The planned development will have a strong focus on good quality pedestrian-oriented streetscape, landscaping and buildings. The vibrant civic and community facilities, retail and other amenities of this compact mixed-use development will not only support transit ridership, but will provide a comfortable and enjoyable place for residents and visitors alike.

Union Oasis will be delivered as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between the RTA and a private sector developer selected in a competitive tendering process. The principles associated with the PPP form of contracting will allow the private sector to use their development and operational expertise, and commercial acumen to determine the development brief and details of development concept, which will be constructed, in consideration of RTA's vision and objectives for the site.
To download pre-qualification document: kindly click here

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