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Integrated Network

The RTA aims to ensure that Dubai Metro is designed to achieve an overall transportation solution taking into consideration other important modes of transport (e.g. Buses, Taxis and Abra). The aim of the transport integration is to complement these other modes of transport and incorporate strategic bus/boat feeder points with flexible and user-friendly Metro interchange Stations. In order to fulfill this aim, the RTA has amalgamated the Public Transport, including Taxis, Buses, and water transport with Dubai Metro under one organization thereby streamlining transport integration decision making.

Other key features of this transport integration include the following:

  • Strategic provision for car parking particularly at or near terminals
  • Provision of a number of Park and Ride facilities
  • Strategic alignment of bus routes with Metro stations to meet as many journey needs as possible effectively
  • Easing of overcrowding and facilitate passenger dispersal at multi-modal Stations
  • Operation of common, integrated Transportation fare policy including ticket portability
  • Provide access to commercial centers at the point-of-need
  • Integrate marketing outlets across the whole of the transportation systems

Quality, Safety and Environment

  • Benchmarking against best International Industry practice
  • Conformance with recognized and relevant International Standards
  • Usage of tried and tested systems, subsystems, equipment and components
  • Certified Safety-Assured systems will only be used
  • Zero-tolerance to safety infringement
  • Achieving quality excellence of the end product and finishes is non-negotiable
  • Minimizing visual intrusion
  • Minimizing noise and vibration
  • Architectural-fit with existing City features


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