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Do’s & Dont's

Important information and instructions for public buses users

• While waiting at the bus stop, stay clear of the bus stopping area. Please signal the bus to stop.
• Stay away from the bus doors till the driver opens them to allow you to board the bus.
• Board the bus through the front door and alight from the rear. Ladies and children may alight from the front door.
• Demand tickets; tender exact change. In case of Bus pass present it for scrutiny by the driver. Smartcards shall be passed over the ticket machine and tickets obtained. Passengers without tickets are liable for prosecution.
• Present your Smart Card for inspection by the representatives of Public Transport.
• Three rows of seats in the front of the bus are reserved for lady passengers.
• Do not engage the bus driver in conversation or arguments.
• Do not eat, drink or smoke in the bus.
• Do not throw any litter or spit through the bus windows.
• Do not vandalise the interior of the bus.
• Bulky luggage, hazardous/obnoxious materials and animals are not allowed inside the bus.
• Do not play or operate any musical instrument or sound reproducing equipment to the annoyance of co-passengers or the bus driver.
• Do not place your luggage in the gangway.
• Do not make announcements or distribute any leaflets, brochures, books, products or gifts as part of a commercial, political or religious campaign.
• Do not beg or solicit any favors while on the bus.
• If you wish to alight at an authorized bus stop, press the stop bells.
• Do not attempt to leave the bus until the bus comes to a complete halt.
• Do not use the emergency door unless permitted or instructed by the bus driver.





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