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When to Test My Vehicle 

The below table provides the various types of vehicle tests that may be required to be performed in order to comply with the RTA Safety Regulations.

Test Type


Defect Test

The defect test refers to the event where the vehicle is taken to the Vehicle Testing Partners’ site for tests following a roadside inspection or a remote detection of defect(s).

Export Test

The export test refers to the test required prior to exporting a vehicle outside the UAE. This involves capturing of vehicle identification data such as chassis and engine details. 

New Vehicle Registration Test

The new vehicle registration test refers to the test required prior to registration of a vehicle purchased from outside an authorised vehicle agency in UAE. This test is also required when transferring vehicle ownership or when re-registering a vehicle.

Periodic Vehicle Test

The periodic vehicle test refers to the periodic testing of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions applicable to most vehicles. This test is required to renew the vehicle registration.


The re-test refers to the test performed upon failure of any of the above tests.


Pre-booking of vehicle technical testing is available at your convenience. For more information, please click on this link.


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