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How To Transfer The Ownership of My Vehicle?

To transfer a vehicle ownership, a technical inspection of the vehicle is required. The ownership transfer occurs where a Sales or Selling Transaction is completed.


The following are the requirements for selling transaction:


Requirements of Selling Transaction Between Individuals:

  • Attendance of both parties "buyer" and "seller", and if the buyer cannot attend then they must bring a Selling Transaction from a Vehicle Showroom approved in the traffic system of the Vehicle Licensing Department.

  • If the Vehicle Showroom is in another Emirate it must be approved to do the Selling transaction by the Traffic and Licensing Department of that Emirate.
  • Present an official authorization issued from one of UAE’s courts or Awqaf & Minors Affairs Foundation in order to allow the person to process the selling transaction.


 Requirements of Selling Transaction Between Companies:

  • The presence of the buyer and the company's representative.
  • Sealed and signed head letter from the company along with a copy of the trade license.
  • Selling transaction issued from the company must be in Arabic Language.


Requirements for selling transaction issued from showrooms:

There must be an entitlement for vehicles showrooms within the Emirate of Dubai, obtained from the vehicles licensing Dep't, where application for this purpose must be submitted to RTA in order to obtain the entitlement that authorizes further selling transactions.


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