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The Monitoring and Enforcement

The Monitoring and Enforcement Department shoulders the responsibility of monitoring and ensuring the commitment of strategic partners and agency clients, for complying with all RTA prepared and approved policies which consider delivering a high level of customer service.

The Monitoring and Enforcement comprises the following sections:

Monitoring The Commercial Activities

Responsible for monitoring and inspecting all commercial transport activities that require a permit from the Licensing Agency, such as( Vehicle Leasing Activity, Tourist Transport Activity, Quad Bikes Activity)  to  ensure compliance of such activities with the RTA approved standards and policies.

Monitoring the Performance of Driving Institutes

Responsible for monitoring the Performance of Driving Institutes via conducting periodic field inspection for driving institutes, driving trainers and training vehicles to ensure compliance with the RTA approved standards and policies.

Monitoring Vehicle Inspection Centers & Field Inspection of Vehicles

Responsible for monitoring technical inspection centers and their compliance with the technical standards; in addition to field inspection of heavy vehicles and to what extent drivers comply with the technical standards for maintaining their vehicles safe and regulate vehicle movement on the roads through coordination with the concerned entities.


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