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What are the requirements for registering your vehicle?

There are general requirements for vehicle registration and licensing process, set by the Licensing Agency of Roads and Transport Authority. There are special conditions that vary depending on specific requirements of each vehicle type.

General Requirements:
1. A traffic file must be created under the name of the person or entity.
2. Vehicle registration is available for UAE citizens, GCC citizens and residents, if they meet all requirements for opening a traffic file. For registering company vehicles, company trade license must be issued from the Emirate of Dubai.
3. Pass the vehicles technical inspection which includes light vehicle inspections from other Emirates.
4. Vehicle Insurance
5. Color and engine changes or any additions to the vehicle are to be approved by the technical inspection department at the service centers.


Special requirements

  • Light Vehicle Transport

  • Limousine and Taxicabs

  • Heavy and Commercial Transport

  • Special Site


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