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Number plates Categories

Number plates are sorted into several categories, through which vehicles classification is made:  

  • Private plate:  a plate used to define a vehicle and differentiate each vehicle from the other vehicles. It is recorded in the individuals traffic file.
  • Motorcycle:  a plate used for a motorcycle to define it and differentiate each a motorcycle from the other motorcycles. It is recorded in a traffic file.
  • Quad Bike: a plate issued for quad bikes, that are not for public roads use.
  • Classic: used for of classic vehicles, whose date of manufacture exceeds 30 years.
  • Public Transport: a plate issued for both light and heavy vehicles, in charge of goods and load freight (Commercial transportation of goods) from a place to another, used to define and differentiate each vehicle from the other vehicles and it is recorded in a traffic file.
  • Taxi: a plate issued for taxis which are licensed by the competent authorities to transport passengers. It is recorder in a traffic file.
  • Diplomatic License Plate: plates issued for consulates / embassy vehicles based on a warrant issued from the ministry of foreign affairs.
  • Commercial Plate: plates issued for some companies, through which a vehicle can be conveyed either from the port to the company's location or from the company's location to the vehicles test and registration centers only.
  • Trailers: a plate issued for large-size trailers and recorded in a special trailer traffic file.  
  • Dubai Landmarks plate (Image): unique Image attached plates, showing one of the Dubai's landmarks to set your vehicle apart.

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