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The tasks of monitoring & inspecting heavy vehicles are summed up in the implementation of RTA's strategic objectives on the ground in order to sustain the traffic safety and contribute effectively to protecting the environment from the wastes of heavy vehicles through upgrading the road worthiness of vehicles and curbing the technical negligence of these vehicles.

Heavy vehicles are subjected to on-the-road monitoring to verify & observe the following technical standards:

•  Checking the axial loads against the vehicle's capacity according to its type and the technical specifications set by the vehicle's manufacturer.
•  Ensuring the compliance with the security & safety standards of set for trucks in terms of the proper distribution of loads to the body of the vehicle.
•  Ensuring the applicability of the stipulations & standards of security & safety on the part of the driver and heavy vehicle in terms of fittings provided for protecting the user of the vehicle.
•  Carrying out a technical inspection to verify the soundness of the vehicle in terms of tyres and dimensions of the vehicle as well as the stability of loads.
•  Verifying the validity & insurance of the vehicle, and travel permits on roads issued in respect of heavy vehicles (prohibited times and places), and checking the validity of the driving license, along with a license for practicing this profession showing the aptitude and fitness of the driver for driving this sort of vehicles.

Tasks of Inspectors and Issuing of Offences

Field inspectors may issue offence tickets to offending drivers or vehicles as well as impounding them in case the offence was deemed dangerous according to the applicable rules & regulations in coordination with the General Traffic Dep't.

Ad-hoc inspection campaigns on heavy vehicles

As part of its endeavours to maintain the road safety, the RTA is keen on running inspection campaigns and semi daily ad-hoc checkups by skilled inspectors in coordination with the General Dep't of Traffic in Dubai Police, and the General Directorate of Civil Defence.
Inspection is also carried out for heavy vehicles through an electronic system to enhance the periodical maintenance and safety of vehicles. Inspection is also carried out on vehicles transporting hazardous materials to verify their compliance with the stipulations of transporting hazardous materials in coordination with the General Directorate of Civil Defence, and inspecting tankers to ensure they are well fitted and comply with the set technical stipulations and are capable of clearing the technical test as regards the transportation of both sewage and drinkable water.

The campaigns also contribute to raising the traffic awareness of vehicle owners and drivers in a bid to minimize crashes and loss of lives.

Technical standards in ad-hoc crackdown on heavy vehicles

The ad-hoc inspection campaigns are focused on the core standards comprising ancillary standards detailing the core elements of crackdown on heavy vehicles. To review these detailed standards of these elements, please the following link:


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