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Main Center

The RTA Customer Service Department


RTA Customer Service Department is at your service through 7 specialised Service Centre s, a Call Centre 8009090 and a Customer Care Unit that handles Complaints and Suggestions. You can also use our online service channels from the comfort of your home or office, or transact with us through our strategic partners and service providers distributed in key strategic areas in Dubai.

The Department strives to achieve excellence in customer service, providing an exceptional experience with high end business modes delivered through the latest technologies.

It also strives to provide you and all our customers with needed information and instructions, introduce you to new services and respond to all your suggestions, complaints and aspirations in the most accurate and efficient way.


  • The Main Customer Happiness Center 

  • The Main Centre is a state-of-the-art Customer Service and Happiness Centre designed according to the highest standards and latest technologies, always striving to deliver comprehensive services.

    And in our continuous endeavour to provide you with the best services, and meet all your needs and aspirations through the latest high performing technologies in the most time efficient way, we developed the Services Procedures Manual covering all our services.

    The Centre is located on Marrakech street, Um AL Romool, Al Rashidiya, next to RTA Headquarters.

  • The RTA Call Center 8009090

    As part of the Madinati program, RTA Call Centre 8009090 handles all your inquiries, notifications, suggestions, requests, complaints and urgent notifications. It also handles transactional services such as vehicle registration and renewal.

    All calls are well managed by our multilingual highly skilled agents and registered in the daily log for internal improvement purposes.

    RTA Strives to provide you with timely, efficient and accurate information 24 hours a day. Just call 8009090 and we're at your service… Labaih

  • Labaih

    In order to better highlight all our service channels, the Customer Service Department launched Labaih Campaign aiming at introducing and reinforcing our various communication Channels.

    Phase 1 of the campaign focuses on spreading awareness through TV, radio and outdoor ads, while phase 2 focuses more on in-centre promotions, print and Social media.


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