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Roads and Transport authority office image

Since providing an advanced transport network for the people of Dubai has been high on the government’s agenda, which is evident from its initiatives to enhance the public transport facilities and improve roads across the emirate to make travel safer and smoother, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) was formed by the decree number 17 for the year 2005.

RTA is responsible for planning and providing the requirements of transport, roads & traffic in the Emirate of Dubai, and between Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE, neighboring countries in order to provide an effective & an integrated transport system capable of achieving Dubai's vision & serving the vital interests of the Emirate.

Our responsibilities include:

Traffic and road Safety icon

Traffic Safety

We ensure the safety of road users and steady flow of traffic anywhere, in the Emirate

Taxis icon


Our Taxi Corporation’s Fleet comprises of approximately 3,854 vehicles which are operated around the clock, 7 days a week including public and religious holidays.

public bus icon

Public buses

Our Public Transport Agency provide public bus services across the whole emirate, via its huge fleet of buses where the number have reached to 1518.

Roads engineering icon

Roads engineering

We take care of all the road engineering works, that are done in any areas of the emirate of Dubai

Registration & licensing icon

Registration and licensing

All driving and vehicle related registrations and licensing processes are run by us

Marine transport icon

Marine transport

In pursuit of our efforts to serve Dubai inhabitants, we give paramount consideration to the elements of installation and deployment of modern Public transport means

Commercial ads on the right of way icon

Commercial ads on the right of way

We authorize and approve all Commercial ads on the right of way

Inter-city transport icon

Inter-city transport

Our PTA manages all the buses and bus routes and public transportation system of Inter-City Travel from Dubai to any other emirate

Roads beautification icon

Roads beautification

It is one of our core responsibilities to ensure beautification of all streets and roads of all areas of the emirate of Dubai

Roads and parking icon

Roads and parking

We ensure that the roads and parking areas are properly maintained

Rail project icon

Rail project

Our metro and tram are an integrated modern and fully automated rail system providing public transport users with convenient means of transport

Mission and Vision

Vision icon Vision

Safe and Smooth Transport for all

Mission icon Mission

Develop integrated and sustainable transportation systems and provide distinguished services to all stakeholders to support Dubai's comprehensive growth plans through preparing policies and legislations, adapting technologies and innovative approaches, and implementing world-class practices and standards

Our values

corporate reputation icon

Corporate reputation

Our credibility and corporate reputation are honest reflections and transparency and reliability in our works.

Excellence and success icon

Excellence and Success

Our distinction is a true representation of performance based on efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability within integrated governance system.

Leadership and teamwork icon

Leadership and teamwork

The professionalism and wisdom of our leaders are manifested through their deep respect for individuals and reinforcement of teamwork.

Happiness and positive energy icon

Happiness and positive energy

Our pioneering and constant seeking to make people happy, indulge us in a sense of optimism and positive energy.

Innovation and creativity icon

Innovation and creativity

Our distinction is a true representation of performance based on efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability within integrated governance system.

Roads and Transport authority- Our Goals & Objectives 2017-2021

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Home/ About RTA / Explore RTA New

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