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Welcome to RTA!

an illustration image shows vehicle registration through smart channels

Shifting part of vehicle licensing
services to smart platforms

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an image of a delivery vehicle

Managing and Providing Delivery Services

User Manual

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an image illustration on the online channels for Applying for driving license

Your driving license starts here

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an image describes the migration of Salik Services to Dubai Drive App

Find Salik Services
on the Dubai Drive App

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update your traffic file information image

Update your traffic file information via the RTA website

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Check nol Balance
Check nol Balance
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Check Your Fines
Check Your Fines
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Plan your journey
Plan your journey
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Check Vehicle Expiry
Check Vehicle Expiry
For Dubai private plates only.
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We are here to fulfil all your needs; learn to drive, renew your vehicle or check and pay fines, everything you need is right here.

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Check all services related to corporate and business users starting with naqel, driving institutes, NOC Certificates, and traffic services everything you need is right here.

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Providing you with convenient public transport services , related to nol, Marine transport, Taxi, Bus, Tram and the metro, everything you need is right here.

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We have put this among our top priorities to make our services as convenient as they can be, for the People of Determination. From here you can access the main services for the People of Determination.

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Sit in the designated seats

Only 2 passengers per taxi (in the rear seat)

Use of hand sanitizer is advised

Wearing gloves is advised at all times


Keep a safe distance of 2 meters in public transport


Wearing a face mask is mandatory

COVID-19-Wash hands

Wash your hands often with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

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What’s new at RTA

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In line with the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to improve the quality of life of people and enhance their happiness. And inline with directives of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai to transform Dubai into a bicycle friendly city the Roads and transport authority if building a 16 km new cycling tracks in jumairah beach parallel to the current running and pedestrian tracks. the new cycling track will connect the current cycling track on jumairah street at Dubai water canal to the current cycling track on kind salman bin abdul'sziz al sanour street at Dubai internet city. 

“The first sector of the track has a width of four metres stretching alongside Jumeirah Beach in parallel to the existing jogging and walking tracks that extend from Dubai Water Canal to Umm Suqeim Park. The second sector, which has a width of three metres, runs alongside Jumeirah Street and King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street up to Dubai Internet City. It will serve several hotspots alongside Jumeirah Beach such as the Sunset Mall, Open Beach, Dubai Sailing Club, Kite Beach, Umm Suqeim Park, and Burj Al Arab. and the speed allowed is 20 km/hour.

The new cycling track supports sustainable transport and offers an alternative mode of transportation to encourage people to cycle and will enhance and facilitate accessability and mobility between the emirates development projects and attraction sites especially for medium length first and last mile trips.

Dedicated cycling tracks constructed till the end of 2020 extend a total of 463 km. RTA is seeking to further extend the total length of cycling tracks to 739 km by 2026 to link vital areas of the Emirate with various public transit means.


To ride an e-scooter safely follow the main safely obiglations 

Visually inspect the scooter

Wear a protective helmet 

Download on of the five operators apps

Use the scooter individually & Without any other passenger

Ride on the e-scooter on the e-scooter tracks and shared tracks

Rode the scooters in a way that doesn't obstruct the movement of vehicles on pedestrians

Adhere to the max speed 15-29 km/h

Ride in a way that doesn't endanger others

Leave an adequate safety distance

Park the e-Scooter in the parking lots

Adhering to these guidelines with insure your own and everyones safety

Here are our top safety guidelines for safer bike rides

Wear a protective helmet and custom clothing 

Make sure that the gear and brakes are well maintained

Check the tires and air pressure

Don't ride your bike in car parking spots

Adhere to the instructions on the information signs

Ensure that the road is clear before entering the track 

Ride the bike in the designated cycling tracks

Always ride in the direction of traffic, not the other way around

Adhere to the speed limit of the lane or cycling track

Use the right side of the road in all cases

Get off your bike while passing pedestrian crossing

Issue a and signal when switching lanes

Following these guidelines will ensure your own and others safety

With the UAE Pass in the Dubai Drive app

open the UAE Pass and log in with the unique digital signature

For Driving license renewal

Book a Car test appointment 

Link your salik account

Top up salik account

Activate your salik tag

Manage salik vehicle

View and create salik disputes & violations

View parking and saline transactions history 

Get and insurance refund certificate on selling your car

Buy a number plate

Happiness begins with Dubai Drive app

Congrats on the new house, settle down yet ? Great

Now it is time to discover how you can get around 

Start by opening the S'hail app to see available public transportation near you 

To Start your Journey, now you can locate the bus routes nearest to you

Being connected has never been easier 

Use our new public transport feature today

S'hail, everyday a smarter way.

Are you in a harry to catch your next bus and don't want to wast time queuing ?

now you can use your S'hail app to top up your not card

a few easy steps to do it before you start your journey

long queues and top up machines are a thing of the past 

S'hail, everyday a smart way

open the s'hail app to plan a journey

select the nearby tap and tap the live icon

see and track the real time location of your bus

walk to the bus stop, there is no rush, you know exactly when it is arriving

here you are, right on time

now you are on the bus, no fuss

Use our new live location service today

S'hail, everyday smarter way

Long working day ? and you are not sure if you will catch your ride ?

No worries, Just one click

You can track the departure time of deferent transport modes around you, so you can start your journey will peace of mind

Use your new departure feature today

S'hail .. everyday smarter way

We hope you had a lovely journey and thank you for using our app.

Tell us how satisfied you were with your experience through the happiness meter and rate us on the Google play and Apple store.

Your opinion pushes us to get better.

Use our new happiness meter feature today.

S'hail, every day a smarter way.

"Dubai Metro was once a dream

I was 10 years old when I visited London in 1959 with my father who insisted to see a train's cockpit

50 years later Dubai metro came true in 2009 

nothing is impossible in life if you can imagine it"

his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Route 2020 project is the new 15 kilometer extension to Dubai Metro

with 11.8 KM above ground and 3.2 KM under ground.

The route will link Jable alley station with the expo 2020 site.

It features 7 stations, five elevated ones and two under ground with an overall project cost of 11 billion dirhams.

Route 2020 boasts of  the new Jumeirah golf estates station the biggest station on the entire Dubai metro network covering the area of 28500 square meters and accommodation approximately 250000 passengers daily. 

Route 2020 is part of Dubai's ambitious plan to extend its rail network to cover new areas with a 270000 population density and boost Dubai's economic growth creating new investment opportunities along the metro route all the way to the al maktoum international airport 

Tech Taxi initiative

Book Hala Taxi using Careem App

Get a Taxi in less than 3.5 minutes

Multiple payment options

Free "WiFi UAE"

Language Translation, Chat with your driver in your language

Manage your route and share your location

Currency conversion

RTA mobile apps

RTA strives to make you happy. It aims to support Dubai’s transformation into a smart city and foster its strategic goals. To achieve that, RTA provides a fast and easy access to its services via smart applications designed to meet your needs.

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