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Our portal is fully compliant with WCAG 2.0 Levels (A-, A+, A++) through the following:

1- Our website is best viewed by the following internet browsers:

Internet Explorer Versions 9+, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari 5+ .


2- Accessibility Information for people with disabilities

• Increase and Decrease font feature on the header of the portal
• Visual disabilities: blindness, low vision or loss of visual acuity.


3- Smart Devices information

Our portal is also available on smart devices to work automatically such as smart phones and tablets.
You can also download our smart phone applications from the link provided here: Click Here

• Smart Drive
• Journey Planner “Wojhati”
• Smart Salik
• Smart Taxi
• Public Transport
• Driver and Vehicles
• Smart Parking
• RTA Dubai
• Corporate Services


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