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1- What is the Suggestions system (CRM) ? 

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an integrated management system based on best practices and international standards for dealing with customer suggestions effectively and efficiently, to ensure best practices in dealing with suggestions, including handling, facilitation and resolutions to measuring the impact and improve performance.


2- What are the goals of the Suggestions System?

A) Creating a unified mechanism based on best global practices for dealing effectively and efficiently with suggestions and increasing customer satisfaction with the services provided by the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) and improving its image and the image of Dubai as a city of excellence in all areas.

B) A mechanism to encourage creativity and attract customers suggestions that would help to achieve the continuous improvement and development of working methods and systems, work procedures and the quality of services provided by the Roads and Transport Authority .

C) Rewarding and honoring the participants in the suggestions system (CRM) and all those dealing with the Roads and Transport Authority in its efforts to achieve quality, excellence and leadership.


3- What is a suggestion?

Verbal or written statement presented to RTA by one of the customers stating his opinion and idea on how to improve and develop the services provided and improve the performance of the Roads and Transport Authority and the performance of its employees so that ensue practical benefits of noticeable positive results in any field related to RTA’s activities and responsibilities.

It takes up to 15 working days to study and reply to the suggestion.

4- What are the available suggestion registration channels? 

1- RTA Portal (, via customer relationship management (CRM)
2- Personal Attendance to the RTA customer service department
3- The office of the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA
4- RTA's Fax
5- RTA's e-mail
6- Email :
7- RTA Call Center hotline on 8009090
8- Suggestions box
9- RTA’s P.O.Box
10- Various media
11- Suggestions received from other government entities
12- Social Media Networks

5-What are the criteria for suggestion?

The Customer Service Department studies benefits accrued from the applied suggestions, after then the evaluation process shall be run based on the following criteria:
a. Increase revenues.
b. Improve the quality of work.
c. Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness.
d. Streamline operations to make the best use of resources.
e. Safety.
f. Improve the position and reputation of RTA.
g. Savings costs.

6-what are the Awards and rewards obtained by the proposes?

- Customer service department manages holds annual ceremony to honor the owners of viable suggestions received during the year, under the auspices of His Excellency the President of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Roads and Transport Authority CEO , and during this celebration financial rewards and gifts are given to the proposes .
- Bonus is determined for the proposes and in accordance with the list of honor and reward below, the reward can be obscured in case of the absence of the category.

Value of the reward

According to the financial Benefits                

Rewards Category      



5% of the value of the benefits and a maximum of 50.000 dirhams.

 more than 1.000.000 dirhams        


Suggestions with financial benefits 






5% of the value of the benefits and a maximum of 40.000 dirhams.

From 750.000 to 999.999 dirhams 


5% of the value of the benefits and a maximum of 30.000 dirhams.

From 500.000 to 749.999 dirhams


5% of the value of the benefits and a maximum of 20.000 dirhams.

From 250.000 to 499.999 dirhams


5% of the value of the benefits and a maximum of 10.000 dirhams.

From 100.000 to 249.999 dirhams


5% of the value of the benefits and a maximum of 5.000 dirhams.

Less than 99.999 dirhams     



Value of the reward

Points system            

Rewards Category      



15.000 dirhams 

From 90 to 100 points




Feasible suggestions with positive results 



10.000 dirhams

From 70 to 89 points           


8.000 dirhams

From 50 to 69 points           


6.000 dirhams

From 30 to 49 points          


2.500 dirhams

From 10 to 29 points 


1.500 dirhams

From 5 to 9 points


five points are calculated for each useful suggestion, and points are calculated and counted annually so as not to add points of the previous year and not deporting points to the following year .

Value of the reward

Points system            

Rewards Category 



5.000 dirhams

Best individual suggestion with significant positive result


Best suggestion individually and collectively (annual)


1.500 for each person maximum 4 persons 

Best suggestion collectively with significant positive results


Home/ About RTA-Old / Customer Service

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