Visually impaired travelers can easily use Dubai Metro, for the first time in ME.

It is now possible for the visually impaired passengers to use Dubai Metro, at par with other ordinary travelers, to their intended destinations in an easy and smooth manner.

The visually impaired can take Dubai Metro in their travel by using 3 ready-to-use means to guide them to their various destinations in the emirate; namely:

- Tactile Metal Path
This is a purpose-built tactile metal path at the floor of the metro stations, which can be used by visually impaired travelers who can walk on it using a stick to sensor and remain on the path which passes across all utilities and facilities of the Dubai Metro.

- Audio Announcement of Dubai Metro Stations Intercom System
Visually impaired passengers have to be attentive to the audio announcement made by Dubai Metro Stations Intercom system to know about the metro lines, schedules, destinations and any notices regarding changes in journey schedules or emergency cases.

- Officials & Security Personnel
The third and final means is to seek assistance from the metro officials or security personnel deployed at various parts of Dubai Metro Stations where the passenger can inquire about all services available at the metro stations.