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Welcome to the RTA website for the visually impaired users, our goal is to provide a convenient surfing and information-gathering experience for our valued users with special needs, hence, we have built this section of the RTA website according to the W3C standards and tailored to the needs of users. The information below will help you navigate thru our website.

To navigate thru this website and read the content, you will not need any screen readers. We have included sound clips to describe how to use the website and navigate thru it, and sound clips to read the content.

You can easily find your way around and get the desired information by using the 'TAB' key to move thru the links and content, it's a 2-step easy process, TAB to the desired link or content, (you will hear a brief description of the selected item if it's a navigation link), then press 'ENTER' to follow the link or hear the content.

You can change the text size and contrast from the related links located under the header of each page. Choosing a setting will save it for next visits so you won't have to go thru the process each time.

We have also incorporated some key accessibility features that will help you navigate conveniently:
First, the 'Skip to Navigation' and 'Skip to Content' links, for easier and faster navigation.
Second, you can use the Accesskeys feature to select a desired link directly, by pressing one of the following keys to select the link, then hit 'ENTER' to follow it:

Q = Play Content
W = Access keys commands
1 = RTA Main Website
2 = Home Page
3 = Skip to Navigation
4 = Skip to Content
5 = Feedback form

If you need further assistance or have any questions please feel free to contact us at 800 90 90.
We do appreciate it if you can take a moment to rate this website using the related form, your feedback is most valued and appreciated.