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Issue\ Renew Seasonal Parking Permit

Enables customers who use paid parking to subscribe in parking services and purchase parking seasonal cards for the period of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. There are two seasonal card types (a, b).

Required Documents For This Service

  • • Copy of a valid vehicle's registration card. 
    • Copy of the registration card, both sides.
    • ID card.

Service fees

  • Category A: AED 700 for 3 months, AED 1300 for 6 months, AED 2500 for 1 year. 
    Category B: AED 450 for 3 months, AED 800 for 6 months, AED 1500 for 1 year.

Where to get this service

    Service Tips

    • • Expose the permit on the front dashboard of the vehicle in a way that shows the details to avoid violations.
      • Seasonal parking cards for companies can be applied for through the RTA website, or through visiting Al Manara center as this is the only vendor for company seasonal cards.
      • This permit can only be used in the Dubai public parking.
      • Seasonal cards can be purchased through cheques titled for RTA, cheques date must be the same as the purchase date.
      • Seasonal cards can be purchased through credit cards, kindly make sure that your card is accepted before heading to the service center, as this service is not available in all service centers.
      • Customer can still purchase the seasonal parking card even if he/she still has pending unpaid violations in their traffic file. 
      • Customer can still purchase the seasonal parking card even if his/her residency visa is outdated or the vehicle is violated. 
      • This permit is not allowed to be used for trucks of any type including pick-ups.
      • This permit is not valid within the DMC, DIC, Fish Market, and Gold Souq parking areas.
      • All consulates in Dubai get 2 type A permits each, for usage on 2 vehicles that must have diplomatic plate numbers. 
      • Nobody can issue a seasonal card for a vehicle that is not registered under his/her name. 
      • Companies are not allowed to register more than one vehicle number on the seasonal card. 
      • Owners of vehicles that are registered in other emirates and outside the UAE can issue seasonal cards. 
      • Plate number registered on a certain seasonal card cannot be replaced with another one in case of changing the vehicle. 

      For cancellation cards type: A, B: 
      • Fill the application form. 
      • After filling the form, the seasonal card gets cancelled at the same day. 

      • Seasonal card can be redeemed on the same day of issuance. 
      • Seasonal cards type A, B cannot be redeemed, or refunded, but still can be transferred to a different owner upon paying a fee of AED 110. 
      • Seasonal cards cannot be transferred from a company to another. 

      Seasonal card can be transferred from a vehicle to another in the same company, after fulfilling the following documents: 
      • 2 valid vehicles registration. 
      • A copy of the trade license. 
      • An NOC letter from the company. 

      • In case the customer has a seasonal card, and has already sold his vehicle, and rented another one, customer can still be able to use the seasonal card on the rented vehicle through adding the rented vehicle details after getting an NOC from the rental company, and head to the service center to pay AED 110 fees.

    Terms and Conditions

    • • National ID is mandatory for UAE citizens, and those who work for government or semi-government sector.
      • Seasonal cards of type A cannot be upgraded to type B, however type B can be upgraded to type A as follows: - Filling the application form. - The original vehicle registration card. - Paying the fees estimated by the RTA clerk. 
      • A replacement of a lost card can be issued, also detail modification can be conducted upon providing the following documents: - Presence in person. - The original vehicle registration card. - A copy of the seasonal card if available. - AED 110 fees. 
      • In case the customer replaced the vehicle with a new one with the same plate number, so no need for modifying the card details. 
      • In case the customer adds 3 vehicles at the first time of applying, a fee of one transaction should be paid. 
      • In case the vehicle is registered under a name of an insurance company, a NOC letter from that company is required. 
      • Seasonal cards type A: Customer can park his vehicle anywhere in Dubai excluding DMC, DIC, fish market, and gold Souq parking areas. 
      • Seasonal cards type B: Customer can only park his vehicle in the arenas parking (beyond main roads). 
      • Seasonal cards can be used at the day of the expiry. 
      • For money redemption: 
      • If the customer precedes the transaction online, and changed his mind upon making the payment, the fees cannot be redeemed. 
      • If the payment has not been made, then the transaction gets cancelled without payment. 
      • If the online transaction gets rejected, after deducting the fees, feed would be refunded within 2 month of applying for the redemption. 
      • If the customer precedes the transaction online, approving date will not be later than the delivery date chosen by the customer. 
      • Category B cards are usable only in parkings lots. Pick up vehicles are not allowed to use those parkings.

    You will receive

    • Seasonal parking cards.

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