• How can recharge salik account?
    • 1. Visiting the salik website, and log in through their username and password and recharge their accounts by using a credit card or E-Dirham's.

      2. SALIK Recharge Cards, available at various petrol stations (Emarat, Epco, Enoc and Adnoc) and Carefour chain, and many more yet to join.

      3. E-Service at Dubai Islamic Bank and Emirates Bank.

  • How can I check my Salik Fines? Can I place a dispute against them?
    • Yes you can dispute against them.

      Fines can be checked by:

      1. Visiting the Salik web site,
      2. Calling the Salik contact center 800-Salik (72545).
      3. Visiting the SALIK walk-in customer service locations

  • Mention Salik Gates in Dubai?
    •  1 - Gate of Al Garhoud Bridge.
       2 - Al Maktoum Bridge.
       3 - Safa gate.
       4 - Al Barsha gate
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