• How can recharge salik account?
    • You are able to recharge your Salik account using the method that is most convenient to you such as the web or mobile payment using your credit card, at services providing banks,using supported Kiosks or by Salik Recharge Cards or e-Voucher using the web, by calling 800-Salik (72545) or by SMS. 
      Please visit Salik website ( to find out more.

  • How can I check my Salik Fines? Can I place a dispute against them?
    • Yes you can dispute against them.

      Fines can be checked by:

      1. Visiting the Salik web site,
      2. Calling the Salik contact center 800-Salik (72545).
      3. Visiting the SALIK walk-in customer service locations

  • Mention Salik Gates in Dubai?
    • 1 - Gate of Al Garhoud Bridge.
      2 - Al Maktoum Bridge.
      3 - Safa gate.
      4 - Al Barsha gate.
      5 - Mamzar Gate (Al Ittihad Rd.).
      6 - Airport Tunnel Gate.

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